Amazing experience with Samsung Blu-ray HT-E6750W/XV Seamless Frame

The Samsung Home Theater’s integrated Vacuum Tube technology (lamp technology) enhances the audio experience by immersing you completely into the application content.

Vacuum Tube (light technology) has created warm and quality sound, while filtering noise from the surrounding environment and by humans to help you hear perfectly

Enhance sound filtering and design for unparalleled experience

Samsung Home Theater is a complete add-on for a high-end picture experience dog that delivers unparalleled audio quality. The Hi-Fi quality sound system remembers the phase plug design design to help increase depth and interior. Besides, the design of high-grade glass fiber helps to improve sound quality thanks to its heat and vibration resistance.


Enchanted with the new sound experience

Complement the images seen on the screen with the 3D Sound Plus complete sound quality created from your home theater system. By analyzing the depth of 3D images, 3D Sound Plus technology will synchronize the sound in harmony with the image. Now you can completely immerse yourself in the real 3D world.

Connect a diverse entertainment world with Home Theater

From the Home Theater Orchestra, you can explore the social world and the personal entertainment world with Samsung’s Smart Hub Application Resource Store and 3 new services full of fun. Family Story allows you to share special photos, messages and events with your loved ones. Meanwhile, children will always be entertained and educated with Kid’s features (children). You can also exercise and control exercise with Fitness. With access to useful app content, Samsung apps, web browsing and more, this is the pinnacle of home theater experience.


Say goodbye to tangled cables with wireless speakers

Make your space more tidy, more beautiful by minimizing connecting cables. It’s easier than ever to keep your space neat and tidy with wireless speakers in your home theater. And they really deliver great sound quality when combined with other speakers. Discover the top quality of home audio entertainment solutions that not only provide convenient design but also extreme sound quality.


Enjoy the connection without teaching digital application content

Wi-Fi Direct brings entertainment to new heights by allowing Home Theater Units to connect to compatible devices like Galaxy S2, and Samsung’s Smart TV without the need for a cable connection. With Wi-Fi Direct, you can quickly and easily and enjoy app content directly on TV.