An Unbiased review: LG BX 580 Blu Ray Player

It was inevitable that 3D technology made its way into the consumer electronics. With more films being released in 3D format in conjunction with non 3D formats in theater, it was an easy decision for consumer electronics makers to manufacture 3D capable home theater systems. In the past, 3D technology usually meant wearing the cheap blue and red paper or plastic glasses. Now, the 3D glasses incorporate active shuttle system that syncs with your television sets to display amazing 3D images. While Sony and Samsung were quick to introduce 3D capable Blu ray players, LG was little bit late to the 3D market. However, LG has built up a nice reputation for delivering very solid Blu ray players. The BX 580 is another impressive Blu ray player LG.


The LG BX 580 is packed with features found on most high end models. With the standardization of Profile 2.0, consumers can forgo any worries on Blu ray feature compatibilities. Unless you are buying older models, the Blu ray player will certainly be a Profile 2.0 player. The LG BX 580 is a Profile 2.0 player compatible with all of the Blu ray disc features including the 3D contents. As expected, the LG BX 580 supports all audio formats found on Blu ray discs. It is capable of decoding Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM. On top of the regular Blu ray format and DVD format, the BX580 is capable of playing Xvid, VC-1, and MKV formats. Also, the BX580 is capable of playing WMA, MP3, SACD, and AAC audio formats. The BX580 comes with many extra contents. The LG’s NetCast Entertainment Access includes Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow, Pandora, Picasa, AccuWeather, and YouTube with internet connection. The integration of WiFi is nice bonus for people with wireless networking. With NetCast Entertainment Access you should be well covered for all internet services. Like other new Blu ray players, LG has opted to phase out the multi channel analog output in favor HDMI only solution. The BX580 is also DNLA certified for easy integration of other DLNA certified devices.


Design wise, the LG BX580 is a beautiful looking player. Overall, the player has flush design without any raised or recessed buttons. The front face plate and overall player has nice glossy finish for elegant look. The front face hides the disc tray as well as the hidden LCD on the right side. The back of the player houses all the connectivity. The connectivity includes composite and component video out as well as the standard HDMI output. The player also comes with Analog audio out as well as optical and coaxial digital output. Even with WiFi, BX580 comes with Rj-45 port. The player does come with 1 USB 2.0 input for pictures and various other media formats. Overall, you shouldn’t have problem with any connectivity issues. The multichannel analog output is the only connectivity missing from this player.


The big improvement from first generation to second generation players was the overall picture and feature improvements. From second to third generation, manufacturers concentrated on loading time improvements. Now, most of the players have combined all these improvements including the BX580. The loading time is lightening fast. You will not need to sit through 45 seconds from power up to watch a Blu ray movie. Some Java intensive disc used to have problems on the older Blu ray players. This player has no such problem. All the Java contents loaded fast and without any compatibility problems.

As with all the Blu ray players, I updated to the latest firmware before testing out the internet contents. LG’s NetCast Entertainment Access performed as advertised. Netflix and CinemaNow had no problem connecting to the internet and streaming contents. Also, the weather service and YouTube loaded without any problems. The only downside was setting up the DLNA. I did encounter some odd connectivity problem. Powering down the player and router solved the problem after the powering both devices.

Overall, the video processing was flawless. Playing through 2 movies showed no problems. The usual processing defects like moiré, jaggieness, or motion blur were all absent. Unfortunately, I was not able to test the 3D content as you need a television set capable of displaying the 3D images. With the newest players, you should expect flawless picture quality. BX580 was no exception.


The sound quality was as expected. All the sound formats played without any hitch. The aforementioned lack of multichannel analog output might be problem for people with receivers that need them. The MP3 and various other music formats played correctly off the USB drive without any problems. Overall, the sound format covered by BX580 was impressive.


The LG BX580 player is an excellent addition to the critically acclaimed LG Blu ray players. While LG did take longer to bring out the 3D model, it was definitely worth the wait. The exceptional performance of non 3D functionality alone makes it worth buying even if you don’t own a 3D television. Once you decide to upgrade to 3D television, you will have excellent Blu ray player capable of handling any 3D contents available today.

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LG BX580 Network 3D Blu-ray Disc Player, Black
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LG BX580 Network 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player


  • 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • NetCast Entertainment Access
  • DLNA Certified (Home Link)
  • Full HD 1080p


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