BD550 – Blu-ray head integrated with LG’s Wi-fi

Not only compatible with all kinds of disc formats, from Blu-ray discs to DVDs, CDs… BD550 also has the ability to directly access the Internet via the wireless network. Enjoy huge movies, photos, music from Youtube, Picasa,…

Immerse yourself in subtle and rich sounds. Whether you love classical music or want to listen to rock, listen to your favorite movie with clear details, or connect your MP3 player and lie down, our latest audio player collection There is something you need to do all this, including:

Wireless speakers: No need to struggle with messy wires, you can create a speaker system that allows music to spread throughout your home. This way, you will not miss any melody when moving from room to room.

– Sound Bar: With its sleek, luxurious design and outstanding sound depth, our soundbar will lift your TV sound system to a whole new level.


– Sound system: Enjoy powerful sound from a powerful external speaker system, designed to work together. And with features such as Bluetooth technology, CD player and multiple USB inputs, our home audio system offers you a wide range of formats to choose from.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Bring your favorite tunes with you. Whether you go to the beach, backyard barbecues, camp or just out on the patio, our portable Bluetooth speakers give you the power to transfer music to virtually anywhere.

– Docking station: Charge your mobile device while listening to music. Some docking stations even come with built-in Bluetooth so you can stream music to the speaker without connecting your device.

– Home theater system: From state-of-the-art multi-speaker systems to powerful single speakers, The LG’s home theater system offers flexible solutions for homes of all sizes.


LG’s home audio device gives you the power to create a sound system designed for your lifestyle. From a wireless speaker that lets you stream music throughout the house to a Bluetooth speaker that lets you listen to music on the go, a docking station that performs double tasks (charging devices and playing music) and home theater systems Featuring a variety of powerful speakers to provide a great theater-like experience, you’ll find a solution that fits your lifestyle and style.

All of designs, features, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. It also has simulation screen images or staged. Some features in the video may not be available on all product codes.