Blu-ray ™ 4K Ultra HD player | UBP-X700 with High-Resolution Audio

Choose the most ideal location in the house to immerse yourself in the most impressive visual experience ever with the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ Player with advanced surround sound technology, detailed 4K images across the frequency range This extremely high light sensitivity.

Thanks to the new Blu-ray ™ 4K Ultra HD disc and 4K movie streaming services, you can enjoy vivid scenes at a resolution four times the resolution of regular Blu-ray ™ (Full HD).

The HDR10 signal delivers up to 100 times higher brightness than the standard signal (SDR), thereby significantly increasing the maximum brightness while keeping deep blacks and details, giving you a completely immersive viewing experience.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Blu-ray™ 4K Ultra HD

Bring life to life with highlights, deeper shadows and vibrant colors. Dolby Vision ™ is an HDR solution that creates an engaging, cinematic experience right at your home.

All colors in nature

Support for the new BT.2020 color space means access to a wider range of colors than regular TV signals. This ultra-wide color space allows content creators to convey colors that are much more saturated and realistic, from deep blue to natural green and vibrant red.

Enjoy every content with exceptional 4K images

UBP-X700 features advanced quality upgrades up to 4K resolution. Everything appears sharp and bright right in real time, delivering detailed images, especially when paired with the latest high-definition TV models.

More vivid images on every screen

Watch 4K HDR movies that show clearer shadows and more prominent details, even when not using an HDR TV. The Smart HDR-SDR conversion feature aligns HDR’s ultra-wide brightness range to match SDR images, ensuring outstanding image quality even on regular SDR TVs.


Play all content

The UBP-X700 player not only runs Blu-ray ™ 4K Ultra HD discs, but it also supports almost everything you like – including the highest definition audio and video formats, as well as numerous streaming services direct popular.

See all formats

UBP-X700 supports the most popular video files so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or self-recorded videos from USB or via your home network.

Enjoy every tune

Just like when switching from HD-quality video to 4K, songs with High-Resolution Audio will be much higher quality than MP3 files and even CDs, allowing you to hear every breath, every single drum beats and every note.


Learn about Hi-Res audio

Watch movies directly at a fast and stable rate on a variety of services. With Wi-Fi connectivity and MIMO technology, the UBP-X700 allows you to watch live video in up to 4K quality.

Connect to any device

You can connect audio-visual devices to the UBP-X700 via coaxial ethernet, HDMI and SPDIF ports.