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We wrote this article in response to many e-mails we received lately in regards to 3 different profiles that are available on today’s blu ray players. It is confusing and sometimes difficult to understand the difference between these profiles especially to those who are making that “leap of faith” into high definition area. If you ever googled for the “profiles” you will see many technical jargon which will not help you understand differences among the three versions of profiles. Therefore, we decided to write an article that makes sense and hopefully educate you, the consumer, enough that you can go out and make an informed decision in buying blu ray players.

We have witnessed amazingly efficient yet fast transition that is taking place as far as latest technology implementation goes with blu ray players. Who knows how many more profiles will be released in the future but new ones seems to be coming at us very quickly, and some blu ray players are already becoming archaic and thing of the past.

We have broken down this article into 2 sections. The first section explains everything about profiles and the next section lists blu ray players and their profiles.

Implementation of Standards

In order to standardize Blu-ray formats, the Blu-ray Disc Association implemented Blu-ray Profiles for Blu-ray disc players. The three profiles include 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. All of the profiles must be have BD-J capability. BD-J supports better interactive bonus contents that are superior to the regular DVD contents.

Characteristics of Profiles

Before we go over each profiles, you must understand the characteristics of profiles which will help you understand the difference between profiles.

The built in memory allows for video and audio file storage as well as updating of title informations. You can store digital pictures and digital music on the built in memory.

The secondary video decoder is used for Picture In Picture. You can watch the main movie while viewing other video contents. Also, the secondary audio decoder is mainly used for extra contents such as director or actor commentary along with the main audio.

Virtual File System allows the player to communicate with other systems within the player without problem. This includes the interaction of main movie and the bonus content. It allows for seamless integration of various features and future features added to the player.

The internet connection allows for BD-LIVE contents on the newer Blu-ray movies. It includes features that are only accessible via internet.

Profiles Explained

The initial profile 1.0 represents the first profile set by the Blu-ray Disc Association. The players with Profile 1.0 must have 64KB of built in persistent memory. However, the Local storage, secondary video decoder, secondary audio decoder, and virtual file system are optional and can be implemented by the manufacturers.

The Profile 1.1 was a mandatory on all players manufactured after November 1, 2007. It must include 64KB of persistent memory, 256MB of local storage, secondary video decoder, secondary audio decoder, and virtual file system. These are the minimum specifications required to be certified as a Profile 1.1 player.

The Profile 2.0, BD-LIVE, is the latest Blu-ray Profile. It must support all the specification of Profile 1.1 as well as have 1GB of local storage space and mandatory internet connection for the BD-LIVE contents on the Blu-ray movie discs. The BD-LIVE discs contain extra contents accessible via internet.

Notes: Some Profile 1.1 players with ethernet connectivity can be upgraded via firmware upgrade or downloading the upgrade via the manufacturer’s website then burning the upgrade on the blank dvd disc. Also, the BD-LIVE feature on latest blu ray movies can be played on Profile 1.0 and 1.1 players. However, the BD-LIVE contents will not be accessible.

If you want to know how to update the firmware by downloading the upgrade from manufacturer’s website then click here.

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