Blu-Ray Player Review: LG BD630

LG announced more than the usual three Blu ray players for their 2011 models. With 3D technology slowly catching on with the consumers, it was expected most manufacturers to offer up different 3D capable Blu ray players. LG announced three different Blu ray players capable of playing 3D discs as well as two standard non 3D Blu ray players. In total, LG offered up five different Blu ray player to cover low end to high end. LG BD630 is the cheapest of the five offerings from 2011 models.


The BD630 is non 3D capable player. While it can’t play 3D discs, it is fully functional Profile 2.0 player with BD-LIVE content capability. Like the more expensive models, BD630 can decode Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, and DTS-HD. You can also enjoy MP3, AC3, and AAC audio formats from your media files. Also, the video decoding options are very similar to the more expensive models. It can decode DivX, MPEG2 TS/PS, AVCHD, Xvid, and MKV just like the BD670 model. This is one of few lower end models that can natively decode these video formats. One key difference between this model and more expensive model is the lack of SmartTV platform on the BD630. While the BD630 does come with some limited internet streaming contents, it is nowhere near the complete experience of SmartTv. Only the 3D capable players from LG have the SmartTV platform. Never the less, it does come with Netflix, Vudu, CinemaNow, and Youtube. You will need to hook up the player via ethernet port as it does not come with WiFi capability.


The overall design is pretty straight forward. It doesn’t have any significant design change from the earlier version of the player. The overall dimension is in line with other Blu ray players. The LCD is located on the right side of the player with few playback function buttons. The disc tray is located in the middle of the player. HDMI, Ethernet, Digital and analog audio out, component and composite video are all located on the back of the player. The single USB port is located on the front the player. For some BD-LIVE contents, you will need to get an external storage device.

Performance and Video

As with the other 2011 LG models, the only drawback of BD630 is the lack of speedy loading times. The boot up and loading time is less than stellar on LG models. While it is still very fast, the other Blu ray players have surpassed LG in terms of overall loading speed. The difference is less than 10 seconds on most Blu ray discs and even less on DVD discs.

While the loading and booting speed isn’t as fast as other players, the overall video processing is definitely flawless. The overall video performance was very good on both Blu ray and DVD discs. Spot tested with three different Blu ray movies, the BD630 showed no video processing defects on all three movies. None showed moiré, jaggieness, or motion blur in any scenes including some action heavy movie. While the DVD upscaling wasn’t as good as some of the more expensive players, it was very comparable to the higher end models in most cases. The upscaling of DVDs showed very little video degradation on the high definition television. Even so, you should not expect full Blu ray like experience with the DVD upscaling. The BD630 should be perfectly fine playing any disc formats.


Except for the absence of 5.1 or 7.1 channel analog outputs, the BD630 does not present any problem in audio department. All the audio formats decoded properly including the high definition audio formats. The MP3 and AAC audio formats played from the USB and from the disc without any problems. Overall, you shouldn’t have any problems with audio formats unless you have some exotic formats.


From price and performance perspective, the BD630 is a definitely a competent player. While it is not laced with some great features found on more expensive players, it does offer up solid performance with some decent internet streaming contents. While it lacks more comprehensive internet streaming contents found on SmartTV, most users should be satisfied with the internet streaming contents found on BD630. If you can forgo 3D contents as well as WiFi, this is one of the best performing players at any price range. Also, the ability to play variety of media type is truly a big plus for the sub $100 player.

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