Blu-ray players are good prices for 3D players

Sony S470, Samsung BD-C6900, LG BX580 or PS3 games are Blu-ray models that users can choose for 3D entertainment.

To be able to fully enjoy the three-dimensional feeling from movies, in addition to owning a high-end 3D HDTV model, viewers need Blu-ray models that support reading and playing saved 3D content. Store on Blu-ray Disc. Thanks to its smooth processing of high quality image and sound content, Blu-ray 3D heads are now products that enable 3D TVs to perform and operate in the most efficient way.

Samsung BD-C6900

Along with the introduction of the world’s first 3D TV models, Samsung also released the 3D Blu-ray model BD-C6900. The BD-C6900 lets you enjoy holograms on the TV screen with Full HD resolution, supports multi-channel 7.1 analog audio output, DTS-HD audio standards and Dolby True HD audio. In addition, Samsung’s Blu-ray 3D product is also equipped with Internet@TV with Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to handle and play DivX HD content stored on external storage.

Sony BDP S-470

Cheaper Samsung BD-C6900 is Sony’s Blu-ray 3D BDP-S470. Like the Samsung model, in addition to the ability to show three-dimensional content from Blu-ray discs, the S470 also has networked entertainment functions, but via the Bravia Internet Video system and a separate Wi-Fi accessory.

Sony BDP-S470. Ảnh: Sony.

In addition, the Sony BDP-S470 adds a DVD signal transfer mode to the 1080i standard, CD and SACD disc reading functions with a 192kHz /24 bit Digital/Analog audio converter. While the surround sound performance is effective with the ability to decode DTS-HD Master and Dolby True HD signals.

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony’s PlayStation 3 gaming machine also has the ability to play 3D. To be able to show 3D content on 3D TVs from a PlayStation 3 game, it is necessary to upgrade the PS3 software to the latest version at 3.50. In addition to the ability to play 3D movies such as 3D Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3 also outperforms other Blu-ray 3D models in allowing 3D enjoyment right away during game play.

Máy chơi game PlayStation 3 có khả năng trình diễn 3D Blu-ray sau khi nâng cấp phần mềm. Ảnh: Thecoolestgadget.

LG BX580

Blu-ray 3D, BX580, and LG models are priced similar to Sony’s S-470 models. This model is part of the Blu-ray product line that emphasizes online multimedia entertainment with DLNA, Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi with an integrated receiver. Users can use and access many online entertainment utilities on BX580 such as Pandora Radio, AccuWeather, Yahoo Widget, Picasa, YouTube … via LG NetCast system.

LG BX580. Ảnh: Tbreak.

In addition to its sleek fashion design and network entertainment connections, LG also equips the BX580 with a variety of HD entertainment capabilities with support for 3D Blu-ray playback, popular HD formats like MKV, DivX HD, and audio. bars and images are stored on external memory with USB 2.0 interface.

Panasonic BMP-BDT300

Panasonic BMP-BDT300. Ảnh: Panasonic.

This is the first Blu-ray 3D model released by Panasonic at the beginning of this year on the world market. Panasonic’s BDT300 possesses a square shape, a glossy finish with two large brackets that make the camera body stand higher than the floor. The Blu-ray disc reader tray is hidden behind the front cover. As part of the high-end product line, the BDT300 model is equipped with Panasonic’s high-quality image processing technology called PHL Reference Chroma Plus, which precisely handles each pixel of the Blu-ray disc signal vertically, increasing the color reproduction with normal double precision.