Differentiate between 2 standard HD DVD and Blu-ray video for users

HD DVD and Blu-ray are two audio standards – quite popular images today. There are pros and cons between them, but not everyone knows this.

Depending on the pros and cons, you may decide to choose different types of players to cater to your needs. The article will help you distinguish between 2 standard HD DVD and Blu-ray videos:

About storage capacity

HD DVD and Bluray are also optical discs improved from previous DVDs. In particular, HD DVD discs have less than 15GB capacity for single-sided disc types and 30 GB for double-sided disc types. The Bluray disc was developed later with many cable lifting features, which are 5 times more storage capacity than DVD: 25 GB for single-sided and 50GB for double-sided. So if you want a large storage capacity then choose Bluray. They will help you watch movies with high quality audio and video.

Phân biệt 2 chuẩn video HD DVD và Blu-ray cho người dùng

The standard format support

Both disc types support similar video standards such as MPEG-2, VC-1 and AVC (also known as H.264). But because of the different capacities, the quality of images and sound is different due to the use of different compression and decoding technologies.

In terms of image, most HD-DVDs use the more advanced VC-1 and AVC decoding / decoding standards while the first generation of Blu-ray movies uses the old MPEG-2 decoding / encoding standard. .

In terms of sound, you can listen to standard Dolby Digital surround sound at 640kbps with Bluray, while HD DVD only offers the highest speed sound of 504kbps. However, specialized HD-DVD players can support the superior format at 3Mbps – in Blu-ray devices only achieve 1.7Mbps.

The variety of content

The reality is witnessing the proliferation of digital video content is quite rich and diverse. Because Bluray is developed later and has high quality, the digital content of Bluray disc is fully supported, developing attention quite a variety. Many world famous studios such as 20th Century Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and MGM are constantly releasing blockbuster discs in Bluray format with quite large numbers. On the opposite side, the HD DVD standard is only supported by Weinstein company and Universal Studios, so the number of HD DVD discs is inferior.

Phân biệt 2 chuẩn video HD DVD và Blu-ray cho người dùng

Differentiate between 2 standard HD DVD and Blu-ray video for users

There are also studios that support content for both formats, including Dreamworks, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. So users are not too disadvantaged when they want to watch movies on HD DVD.

Product price

Bluray movie discs are of higher quality, newer technology so they are more expensive than HD DVD.

Both HD DVD and Bluray formats have certain pros and cons. Currently, there is no format that is superior and completely dominates the opponent. Depending on your needs, you can choose your own format to enjoy your favorite movies.