Enjoy the Cricket World Cup with Bluray 3D 5.1 Samsung HT-H7750WM sound system

Bluray 3D 5.1 sound system Samsung HT-H7750WM gives you the incredible hearing experience when enjoying the Cricket World Cup thanks to innovative audio technology for impressive entertaining moment.

From design, quality from every look  

Bluray 3D 5.1 sound system Samsung HT-H7750WM includes 4 high speaker stand to create a feeling of luxury to the room space.

Square modular bridges design, sure to bring classic properties compared to the conventional tree speaker line but no less luxurious, contributing to adorn elegant strokes, entertainment space for the class. Designs not so covers should be able to optionally install location for much change in your family.

 Samsung HT-H7750WM

Easy to use, custom wear your party sounds anywhere, anytime

Previously, you must adjust the functions by using the buttons on the device or by the remote control is also quite convenient. But now, it’s easy to enjoy music any where right at home, from any source of thanks to the Samsung Smartphone application Multiroom Link.

It is considered as a remote device allows to adjust the volume level, custom music on the sound system through many different devices including TV, speaker Soundbar, sound, glass top Blu-ray authentic sound reproduction, astonishing turn room space into your home entertainment center.

Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, you can easily use your Smartphone to launch devices. Simply compatible speakers on the phone and once only, then you can quickly open the loudspeaker control on the smartphone.

In addition, you can change the sound system the sound home theater effect true substance. 3D surround sound quality impression just by a single touch.

Samsung HT-H7750WM

Samsung became the first electronics brand brings to the DTS Neo: Fusion Technology II new codec for 2014 to modern consumers. This is the difference between a class of electronic devices, Samsung’s sound with the other competitors.

Audio technologies DTS digital sound reproduction is perfect for auditory experience extremely impressive. Thus, the bass, midrange and high tones (treble) is recreated perfectly, with crisp detail for feeling enjoy lifelike sound.

Depth of sound is recreated to 9.1 channel sound experience brings amazing illusory. Birds chirping in the garden fairy and then disappearing into the vast space fanciful or flute at close range at the far vu gentle, pure to the strange. You will not only hear the sound but also immersed in the moment of great repercussion it brings.

Comfortable sound mode options on demand

Custom sound function Sound Customizer Samsung proprietary audio help measure the right and perfect fit for each level of your listening through 6 custom sound level.

You can easily customize and transform old junk sound level that matches your specific needs and family to experience great sound, melodic to magic.

Samsung HT-H7750WM

HD sound quality perfect for a completely different experience

The difference comes from the level of sound quality on Samsung 5.1 channel sound system. Each tone on the sound system seemed to redefine the usual music experience thanks to audio technology breakthrough is full of Samsung ngac experience.

Perfect experience with HD audio, for each film size, every sports match. Bluray 3D sound system Samsung HT-H7750WM 5.1 channel brings the exact fidelity to detail as experienced in the real music stage.

Design of loudspeaker membrane during the fashionable style unique, elegant brings an ability to reproduce high sound output level than usual. These particular doses used in loudspeaker membrane structure in order to reduce the weight carried to sound in pureness no impurities.

Samsung HT-H7750WM

Bluray 3D 5.1 sound system Samsung HT-H7750WM is proud to meet the needs of consumers with outstanding features of quality, styling design and incredibly reasonable rates.