Enjoy Watching Football With Blu-Ray Disc 3D System

Turn your living room into a cinema with top-notch image and sound quality.

Sony 3D Blu-ray theater audio system with magnetic Liquid speaker technology and accessibility to the Sony Entertainment Network entertainment site, gives you a spectacular home entertainment system.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sony 3D Blu-ray

– The technology of Magnetic Fluid speaker reproduces sound accurately

– Exquisite quartz design with 4 column speakers and 2 wireless surround speakers

– NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity

– Football mode (Football mode) helps enhance your football viewing experience

– Entertainment network Sony-Sony Entertainment Network

– HDMI Alley (increase signal to 1080p when playing content from DVD)

Experience Clear Sound

To deliver the optimum sound for you, this technology has a breakthrough innovation – using magnetic liquid speakers. These shock absorbers use magnetic fluids to minimize multi-noise and distortion, giving you more powerful sound than ever before.

Luxury Quartz Design

Crafted perfectly, Sony’s home theater system offers an elegant design to complement your home. The attractive exterior, highlighting lines, make the Blu-ray disc player and speakers a subtle look, like adding a masterpiece for home entertainment.

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Easy Wireless Connection

Sony’s home theater sound system brings a new level of usability. Using NFC to connect wirelessly to your smartphone and transfer songs via Bluetooth, or browse your favorite websites and online content using Wi-Fi.

Recreate An Exotic Ball Field

Football Mode uses audio data recorded from the stadium in Brazil to enhance the audio experience for you. Along with Narration Off mode allows commentator voice elimination to help keep the atmosphere of the game exciting, like you are right there.

Note: Narration Off is only available on BDV-N9100W / WL.

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Explore Movie Entertainment, Music and Applications

Turn the entertainment network Sony Entertainment Network into an endless personal entertainment source for you, a quick and easy way to get the best content.

Uncompressed Images For Best Quality

Enjoy superior, uncompressed and high-quality digital picture quality with your favorite movies and the ability to upgrade 1080p images from DVD content thanks to the HDMI port. You can also install a simple TV with an easy cord and a friendly connection to replace the messy cord that lurks behind your home entertainment system.