How to update your firmware

The continued evolution of Blu-ray player means the rise of incompatibility of new Blu-ray discs. Also, the constant DRM tweaking/updating of movie studios have raised the possibility that your Blu-ray player can’t correctly play the latest movies. If you buy the latest movies and your Blu-ray player can’t play them, there is good chance that you will need to update the firmware.

Firmware is type of computer program that is written for specific hardware such as computer or computer components. It controls the very basic parameters for hardware and thus can not be easily accessed by users. Manufactures can update Blu-ray players to play the latest movies and contents.

If you have Blu-ray player with the profile 2.0, you will most likely be able to update the firmware via simple internet download. This is because the profile 2.0 requires internet connection for BD-Live contents. However, if you own one of the older players with previous profiles then you will likely need to burn a CD or DVD to patch the firmware.

To update to latest firmware follow these easy steps based on your situation (Always consult owner’s manual before proceeding with the update):

1. Update your blu ray player via Wireless or Ethernet Cable:
To update your blu ray player with the latest software, you must update to latest firmware. The firmware is like an operating system that drives the electronic gadgets and it requires updates once in a while. If your blu ray player come equipped with WI-FI then simply just connect to your router. Depends on the brand of blu ray players, navigating to this option varies, but usually the option to upgrade your blu ray player should be under settings. If you happen to have a blu ray player that is not wi-fi but has an ethernet port on the back, then just hook up your ethernet cable to either directly to internet modem or your router. Then proceed with firmware update under settings.

2. Update your firmware via CD, DVD, or USB:
In the event you have a blu ray player that is not Internet capable, you still can update your blu ray player’s firmware via CD, DVD, or USB. Go to the bottom of this page and click on “firmware update” link based on the brand of your player. Then download the software directly on to your PC or MAC. Then either burn the software to CD/DVD or you can transfer the software over to USB thumb drive (memory stick). Now, under settings on your blu ray player, you should see an option that lets you update your player via CD/DVD or USB. Please consult owner’s manual to make sure that this option is available. Usually on the manufacturer’s website, you will see a different types of software. It will usually state if the software is for blank CD/DVD or USB.

3. Call the manufacturer to obtain software to update your blu ray player:
Go to the bottom of this webpage and click on “firmware update” link based on the brand of your blu ray player. Then click contact or support link to reach customer service and request to have the software or firmware sent to you via cd/dvd format or usb thumb drive.

Videos on how to update your blu-ray player (Note that majority of the blu ray players are updated same way mentioned above):

You shouldn’t have to update the firmware too often. However, we recommend checking for new update every 3 months or so to insure proper playback. Check our firmware update section for the latest firmware updates.

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