Instructions For Viewing Blu-Ray Files With KMPlayer On PC

KMPlayer is one of the best media player software on Windows platform. This utility is completely free and supports most popular audio, video codecs and formats.

The developer has just released version with support for Blu-ray files along with some additional support for codecs.This is the reason that KMPlayer became a popular music and video player app. So how to open Blu-ray file on KMPlayer. The following article will guide you through the specific steps.

Use KMPlayer to open Blu-ray file on computer

KMPlayer now supports Blu-ray files, which means you can watch Blu-ray with KMPlayer on your computer. Although this function is available for use, many users still do not know how to use this feature.

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Before starting, download and install KMPlayer on your computer, then follow these steps:

– Press [F2]> Video Processing> General (tab) and set KMP Video Transform Filter to Always Use.

– If you still can’t run Blu-ray smoothly, change to Gabest MPEG-TS Splitter at [F2]> Filter Control> Splitter> General (tab).

While this trick helps fix jerking problems, KMP display errors, but in the case of playing a large-format Blu-ray movie, many people have responded to the sound quality and image of this tool. To ensure video quality, it’s best to convert a Blu-ray file to another file format supported by KMP to continue enjoying your favorite movie.

Compress Blu-ray on KMPlayer

To compress Blu-ray files, you need to run it on KMP software and download the Blu-ray Ripper software. This software effectively removes all copies and protected areas from a Blu-ray disc and converts files from MKV format to a KMP compatible format on a PC.

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In addition to converting Blu-ray files to MKV format for KMPlayer, Blu-ray Ripper also allows you to adjust the video frame rate, screen rate, channel/audio codec.

To compress a Blu-ray file, download and install the Blu-ray Ripper software, then follow the instructions below:

– Open the Blu-ray file you want to watch.

– Select the format which you want to convert the file to.

– Compress Blu-ray to MKV.

KMPlayer is a perfect multimedia solution with many useful features and capabilities. Now you can enjoy your favorite videos and movies in Blu-ray format with KMPlayer on your computer without any problems or problems.