LG is third largest conglomerate in South Korea with many subsidiaries in electronics and petrochemicals. The electronics division has sold their product under Goldstar in many countries. LG has since replaced GoldStar brand with LG the for consumer electronics. LG is a prominent LCD display maker and has a prominent market presence in DVD ROM and data storage market.

Although LG is a founding member of Blu-ray Disc Association, they hedged their bet and produced HDDVD products. LG was first to announce and deliver HDDVD/Blu-ray disc player capable of playing both formats. Also, LG produced HDDVD Rom for personal computer market. With Blu-ray format becoming standard, LG has since dropped HDDVD products and concentrated on Blu-ray players. LG is the first company to incorporate Netflix streaming to their Blu-ray disc players.

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