List of Profiles on Current Blu Ray Players

Consider this: We do not recommend profile 1.0 blu ray players as they are outdated and some are unable or downright not possible to update the firmware. Save yourself some hassle and avoid profile 1.0 blu ray players. These are the first generation blu ray players and we were told by some consumers that a lot of latest blu ray movies will not work with profile 1.0 blu ray players.

Furthermore, some profile 1.1 blu ray players are confirmed upgradeable by manufacturer to profile 2.0.
We highly recommend going with profile 2.0 blu ray players as they can be easily updated in the future via the Internet. We understand that buying a blu ray player is an investment for your home theater system so it would make sense to buy something that will last a while. Make an educated decision!

Profile 1.0 Players
LG BH100
Pioneer BDP-95FD
Sharp BD-HP20U
Samsung BD-P1400
Samsung BD-P1200
Samsung BD-P1000
Samsung BD-UP5000
Sony BDP-S300
Sony BDP-S1
Sony BDP-S2000ES
Profile 1.1 Players
Denon DVD-2500BTCi
Denon DVD-3800BDCI
Denon DVD-1800BD
Insignia NS-BRDVD
LG BH200
Marantz BD8002
Memorex MVBD-2510
Panasonic DMP-BD30K
Panasonic DMP-BD30K
Philips BDP7200
Pioneer BDP-51FD
Pioneer BDP-05FD
Samsung BD-P1500*
Sharp BD-HP21U
Sharp BD-HP50U
Sylvania NB501SL9
Sony BDP-S350*
Yamaha BD-S2900
Profile 2.0 Players
LG BD300
Panasonic DMP-BD35
Panasonic DMP-BD55
Samsung BD-P2500
Sony BDP-S550
Sony BDP-S5000ES

* Confirmed upgradable to Profile 2.0

 Any blu-ray player models that have been released in 2009 will be have profile 2.0.

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