OPPO Digital is part of OPPO Electronics Corporation, an electronics manufacturer based out of Dongguan, Guangong, China. OPPO Electronics Corporation also includes subsidiaries in Korea and Europe. The American subsidiary, OPPO Digital, was established in Mountain View California in 2004. Since the inception, OPPO Digital has dedicated their efforts on producing high quality digital electronics equipment from home theater segment. With their first product, an upconverting DVD player, they have established themselves as the leader in performance segment. The overall performance of the DVD player put OPPO’s brand name on the radar of many home theater enthusiasts. Now, OPPO Digital has finally jumped into the Blu-ray market with BDP-83. OPPO BDP-83 launched with universal accolades from all the reviewers. Although it is late to Blu-ray market, OPPO Digital has a clear winner in BDP-83.

List of Oppo Blu Ray Player Reviews

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