Established in 1938, Pioneer Corporation specializes in digital entertainment products. Pioneer’s product line includes CD/DVD player, car audio equipment, television, and variety of audio equipments. Pioneer is particularly popular among early adapters for bringing out latest technology to the consumers. It’s no accident Pioneer is one of the first manufacturers to introduce latest technology in their consumer electronics. Pioneer played great role in delivering cutting edge products like Laser Disc, automotive CD player, plasma display, OLED display, and various DVD technologies.

It comes as no surprise that Pioneer is one of the founding member of Blu ray Disc Association. Currently, Pioneer offers two Blu-ray disc players. Both of them are aimed at high end market with prices that are higher than the typical Blu-ray players. Both players boast professional grade audio components. Similar to Onkyo and Denon, the players come with plethora of audio decoding options. Currently, Pioneer is working on 16 layer Blu-ray disc that can store up to 400GB of information.

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