Review of LG 3D Bluray Sound System BH9520TW

Bring you to a world of 3D home entertainment full of sound, impressive images on LG BH9520TW Bluray sound system.

The LG BH9520TW Bluray 3D stereo system recreates the perfect entertainment space for your living room with 360-degree surround sound technology and the world’s first ceiling-facing speaker. Especially suitable for vivid 3D movies, sound is treated as standard as in the cinema. Connecting and installing extremely simple wireless speaker system is arranged neatly, increasing the aesthetics of modern home interior space.

Not only does it support top-notch sound quality, the LG sound system also provides Blu-ray playback with full HD (1080p) playback for a cinema-like experience in 3D theaters.


LG BH9520TW Bluray 3D sound system provides a mini Audio connector that supports playback of your favorite image and audio formats on your backup device with the highest image quality and sound through the USB connection on the system.

In addition, the LG BH9520TW Bluray 3D stereo system provides 2 HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) ports for you to freely back-up all image and music formats from your smartphone or tablet to the TV and let them “transform” sound with LG BH9520 Bluray stereo.

Support for HDMI and USB ports allows you to maximize the entertainment on your device to relax after school hours, work stress and fatigue with mesmerizing surround sound quality.

Perfect, pure image depth for an incredibly enjoyable visual experience. Lifelike footage is no longer anyone’s desire. Relaxing moments with relatives are now really fun and interesting than ever.


LG has applied advanced technology as well as a number of other high-end audio systems to enhance the picture signal to optimize the brightness of the pixels, thereby bringing the frames with perfect and impressive quality. Best. Films, images, and television programs will be reproduced honestly and clearly to almost every detail of the cutting-edge imaging technology integrated on Sharp, Panasonic, Sony’s LED TV series.

No need to equip fancy loudspeakers, expensive equipment or devices that support high-end audio amplification for your home entertainment space. Now, all the most advanced features have been integrated harmoniously on the LG BH9520TW Bluray 3D sound system to give you the experience of realism and magic.

Premium 3D movie releases on Blu-ray offer a wide selection of high-quality content. Blu-ray also delivers distortion-free surround sound for an unrivalled real audio experience.