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In technology sector, it is rare to see a competitor develop and sell a competing manufacturers technology. Losing out in competition usually means death knell for the company in technology sector. However, it is entirely different matter when it comes to format war. Sony readily manufactured and sold VHS over their own defunct Betamax format. This time around, Sony’s Blu-ray won over the Toshiba’s own HDDVD format. With the defeat, Toshiba officially announced the end of HDDVD format on February 19, 2008. Since the announcement, Toshiba has taken nearly 18 month to bring out their first Blu-ray player. It feels like Toshiba is begrudgingly releasing their first Blu-ray player. It has to feel somewhat irritating to release a Blu-ray player after its own HDDVD was killed off by it. Even so, Toshiba is an excellent manufacturer with long history of producing great electronics.


Unlike Samsung or Sony, Toshiba has opted to release only one model so far. Instead of releasing higher end model, Toshiba opted to stay with entry level model for their first Blu-ray player. Arriving late to the game, Toshiba BDX2000 doesn’t suffer from performance issues like the earlier Blu-ray players. It also doesn’t add anything new to the Blu-ray player market. The core set of features are present on BDX2000. Like all new Blu-ray players, BDX2000 is BD-Live compatible player. You will have hard time finding any new Blu-ray player that is not Profile 2.0 compliant. On par with other players, the BDX2000 comes with onboard decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio formats. The onboard decoding was somewhat high end feature on the first generation Blu-ray players. However, it is common feature on all the latest Blu-ray players. The lack of any internet streaming service is somewhat surprising as most new Blu-ray players have some type of internet streaming services. Overall, it lacks some of the features that are present on the competition players like WiFi and onboard storage.


Toshiba has decided to go with faceplate design. This gives the player more polished and sleek design. When closed, the right side has see-through space for the LCD display. Otherwise, the faceplate has solid black finish. The tray is located in the middle of the player with playback function to left of the tray. The LCD is located on the right with the SD card slot. The choice of going with SD card over USB drive might upset some people as most have a USB drive lying around. However, with the faceplate design, it is more convenient and logical to have SD card instead of USB drive sticking out at all time. The back of the player houses the HDMI, component, composite, Ethernet port, digital audio output, and analog audio output. The BDX2000 lacks 5.1 or 7.1 channel analog audio output. A USB port in the back would have been nice addition.


The overall video imaging quality was outstanding. I don’t think you can find a better player at this price. The BDX2000 went as low as $80 during the Black Friday. You can usually find BDX2000 for around $120 right now. The BDX2000 produced crisp video images throughout the testing. It did not suffer from any video defects like the other first generation players. Although this is Toshiba’s first Blu-ray player, I can’t really compare this player to the first generation player from other manufacturers. As such, I did not expect to find any problems that plagued the first generation players. Tested with three different movies, the BDX2000 displayed no noticeable defects. All the action sequences had no problem with moiré or choppiness. Also, I did not notice any jaggies even when I paused the movies. If you still have large DVD collection, you will appreciate the DVD upscaling quality. While not good as the top tiered players, BDX2000 provides very good upconversion. The regular DVD movies looked very sharp and had no problem with defects. Overall, I had no problem with video processing. On the other hand, the overall speed of the player was not comparable to some of the newer players from Sony or Samsung. The second generation players from most manufacturers greatly increased the overall speed of the players. The BDX2000 was not close to replicating the overall speed. However, it was still adequate and not a big drawback for the price.

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There were no problems with the audio decoding. The onboard decoding had no problem with any audio formats including Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, or DTS Master Audio. The overall audio performance will depend on your home theater set up. If you own a good set of speakers, you will definitely appreciate all the decoding option found on this player. You will also appreciate the MP3 and WMA playback capability. You can load SD card with your favorite music in these formats and play them without any problem. Overall, the audio output quality was excellent.


The Toshiba BDX2000 is without a doubt one of the best Blu-ray player for your money. While you can find a better player, you will be hard pressed to find it for the BDX2000’s price range. If you are lucky, you can pick one up for under $100. Even so, the lack of internet streaming and internal memory might be problem for some consumers. If you absolute must have internet streaming, you can check out the base models from Panasonic or Samsung. Otherwise, BDX2000 should satisfy most consumers in terms of quality and price.

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