Shocked with the difference in anime images between TV and Blu-ray

Watching anime for free is not easy, this is always reminded in TV series. Fans must always spend more money to buy a Blu-ray version released in Japan for up to 5,000 yen (US $ 42) while each disc only has 2 episodes.

What could make other fans miserable to bite their pocket money to buy those plates when they can watch online without spending any money? For some people it is to support the producers, but for others it is because the drawing is too different between the TV and Blu-ray version of the same anime.

There are many reasons to talk about this difference. Cruel critics may admit that due to laziness and lack of self-esteem in the work of filmmakers, keep in mind that they must always work in a lot of situations, low wages and problems. Therefore, the quality will never be as good as the Ore series, Twintail ni Narimasu. You can see on the left is a TV slide in Fall 2014, and on the right is the same scene but in the Blu-ray version.

The faces of the two red-haired characters are not much different, but if you look more closely it will be clear that there is a lot of graphics and polishing in the TV version. Regarding two pictures of blonde characters, it looks completely different, just like changing the character designer. On the other hand, these different contrasts were told that there was careful consideration between producers right from the start of the film.

After all, some producers voiced that these image problems are not entirely their fault. On the Ufotable studio homepage, they explained that before being broadcast on TV, because of the rules for safe broadcasting, they had to go through a device called paka-checker. The device will automatically limit brightness and color, while also keeping the frames inserted when checking. As a result, the image on the TV has lost its brightness and sharpness, for example, the Fate/stay night series: Unlimited Blade Works with the left TV version and the right Blu-ray version below.