The connection between Blu-ray and DVD you should know

Although today’s mobile devices can be a portable source, Blu-ray or DVD players are still the choice for professional video and audio playback.

The main thing is that almost confusing technology makes it difficult for users to know how they really are because these two concepts are in fact both similar and different. If you want to know, let’s join us to find out the connection between Blu-ray and DVD.

About the Blu-ray concept

Blu-ray is one of two popular DVD formats with High Definition (abbreviated HD-DVD) introduced to customers in 2006. The aim is to replace current DVD standards in the US and the world market. . However, on February 19, 2008, HD-DVD stopped working and now Blu-ray is the only high-resolution disc format still in use on disc players that support disc format. DVD.

 Tìm hiểu về định dạng Blu-ray và DVD trên các đầu đĩa hiện nay

The connection between Blu-ray and DVD

Blu-ray is built on the foundation when people decide to create a new type of DVD in search of a new experience when watching high-quality TV.

Although the DVD provides a very good viewing experience, it is not a high definition format. With the advent of HD content and the trend of larger TV screen sizes, as well as increasing use of video projectors, the limitations of DVD quality become more noticeable. In contrast to HD-DVD, Blu-ray allows consumers to view images with deeper pixels, more diverse colors, and more details in images from DVDs.

 Tìm hiểu về định dạng Blu-ray và DVD trên các đầu đĩa hiện nay

In a bit of technology, the Red Laser-based DVDs use the Blu-ray disc format using Blue Laser technology. This technology allows video compression with complex processing algorithms to be able to playback high-definition video on the same size disc as a standard DVD disc.

The advantage of Blue-laser technology is that it is narrower than Red-laser, which means that information can be more accurately focused on the disk surface. Taking advantage of this, engineers were able to create “black holes” on the disk, where information was stored smaller. And every such “black hole” will increase the amount of storage on the disk, which is useful for high-definition video recording.

 Tìm hiểu về định dạng Blu-ray và DVD trên các đầu đĩa hiện nay

In addition to the ability to increase video capacity, Blu-ray also allows the ability to listen to music better than DVD. Instead of just including the standard Dolby Digital and DTS audio that we are familiar with on DVD (called “lossy” audio formats because they are more compressed to fit the DVD), Blu-ray has Capacity to hold up to 8 channels of uncompressed audio beside a movie. Therefore, the current manufacturers also increase the production of Blu-ray players instead, only support DVD as before. Typically, Pioneer Blu-ray player models. They both support Blu-ray and support DVD and sometimes even more disc formats like VCD – CD.