Top 7 genuine Bluray in the market (Part 2)

Sony DVP-SR370 DVD Player

* Dust-proof design increases eye durability

* Outstanding image quality with Xvid Home

* Compatible with a variety of disc and entertainment formats

* Play over USB

External CD/DVD Player with USB Connector

Product Description:

  • External recorder VD ± RWDVD ± R DVD-RW CD-R USB 3.0
  • Characteristics:
  • Suitable for laptop, PC
  • Support: Windows 98/SE/ME/20000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 8 and other MAC OS versions
  • POP-UP portable external DVD-RW drive – Black
  • Note: Screws and software are not included
  • Easy operation
  • Connect to source device and use, no need for external power source and driver

To optimize performance:

  • Please connect this device directly to the USB port on your computer
  • Please connect this device to the USB port on the motherboard for desktop

Product description:

  • Characteristics:
  • DVD ± RW/DVD-RAM disc type
  • 2 MB buffer
  • USB3.0 DVD +/- R 8X, 4X DVD-RW, CD-R 24X, DVD8X, DVD-R
  • Dimensions: 145mm X 145mm X 16mm
  • Support: Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP/vista/windows 7 8 and all versions of MAC OS
  • Package includes: 1x USB 3.0 DVD Recorder (included with box)

Sony Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-S1500

The Sony BDP-S1500 Blu-ray Disc Player is Sony’s new product line aimed at users who prefer Blu-ray players with high durability at an affordable price. The robust and simple design of the Sony BDP-S1500 enhances friendliness and brings elegance to the home entertainment system. The player supports Full HD high-resolution images and an Internet connection allowing you to enjoy online content with ease. Quick Start Mode is added to improve booting and disc playback faster so you can start entertainment instantly.


Simple but elegant

Sony BDP-S1500 has a simple design with angular lines and a shiny exterior that creates a luxurious and elegant accent for indoor entertainment space. With black tones as the mainstream, you can easily match the disc player to any audio system easily and appropriately.

Outstanding image quality

Beyond what is expected, the Sony BDP-S1500 disc player allows viewers to experience superior picture quality and more brilliant thanks to TRILUMINOS Color technology. All images and sounds from Bluray disc will be reproduced accurately and fully. Just by connecting the player to the TV, you can enjoy extremely clear Full HD images right in your living room.

Dolby True HD audio technology

The Sony BDP-S1500 player with Dolby True HD (2Ch) technology supports Dolby Digital Decode (5.1ch) decoding so you can enjoy immersive surround sound effects from all sides. In addition, you can also listen to music, watch movies with superior sound through USB storage devices.

Convenient remote control

The product comes with a remote control that is simple but full of features and easy to use. The player has HDMI and high-definition audio output and Coaxial Audio output, which helps you transmit high-quality audio to external speakers. Internet connection supports Live Streaming and sub to enhance the Bluray experience more perfectly.