TOP Primest 4 Softwares Watching Blu-Ray Disc On Windows

As we all know, today, you can easily download the movie Blu-ray from the internet, or record any video to disk and place in your collection. More convenient when anyone can also manually do the Blu-ray at home.

All supporting softwares below have many common features and are the optimal choice of many people who use website.

1. PowerDVD 10 Mark II

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PowerDVD 10 Mark II

This software has a wide range of modern features, meet the necessary requirements of a manufacturers software to view and handle Blu-ray in the best way. It brings to the utility as follows:

– Dolby HD for Blu-ray standard.

– Cinema Mode to connect your computer to the TV and you can see freely on the big screen.

– And on top of that, the Movie Marks feature is the most attracting to users, just like BookMarks, you can bookmark any scene in the movie you love and easily review them later with family and friends.

2. Corel WinDVD Plus

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Corel WinDVD Plus

The second software this article introduces is WinDVD. This software has received a lot of appreciation by users when it can keep intact the quality of Blu-ray. Have to say this is a software to watch movies, listen to music with more professional user-friendly and multiple options attached. In which you can customize the configuration or characteristics of sound and video.

3. Cine Player BD with 3D 5.6.1

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Cine Player is never inferior. This is one of the most famous software serving the users of Blu-ray. The main feature of it is designed with a very friendly interface with the user, support 3D, its critical utilities we can convert video from 2D to 3D, made by Roxio. In addition, the Cine Player is also integrated many other leading features such as: control the sounds better, quieter with the smart, and the adjustment digital zoom function and a virtual remote control will help you save even more time just by a few clicks, avoid disruption while you are enjoying the movie.

4. TotalMedia Theatre 5

The last software appeared in this list is the TotalMedia Theatre 5. This software is especially popular in Blu-ray quality will be kept at the highest level. The image, the sound is still clear and smooth though we broadcast replay constantly, although much of the film you love when having the idea to watch Blu-ray movies on the computer.

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Although the film critics said that the Blu-ray slideshows on a computer that is shouldn’t be, they also emphasized that this should be done on the TV to the best quality but publishers of TotalMedia Theatre 5 reject. They declared loud and dignified that you surely will change the perspective that once you use this software. The interface is easy to use, clear, virtual remote control, mode switch from 2D to 3D… All created a unique peerage and you will really enjoy when experience the TotalMedia Theatre 5.