Where to Buy Blu-Ray Players?

So where do you buy blu-ray players? There are several places, online or brick and mortar stores, that you can purchase a blu-ray player. But please remember that before you purchase any blu-ray player, please do your diligence by researching the one you are interested carefully before you make a sound decision. There are pros and cons of buying your next blu-ray player from an online store or a brick and mortar electronic retailer near you. To help you decide which venue to pursue, we will outline pros and cons of going with online or physical store. Also we will discuss several places we recommend that you can check out before you make that jump.

Online Store Vs Physical Store

Pros of Online Store:

  • Amazing and great deals and most places offer free shipping.
  • Products usually have a ton of feedback or reviews from customers.
  • You will find a wide selection of products.

Cons of Online Store:

  • You can’t touch, feel, or try out products before you buy. All you can do is look at the pictures provided to you.
  • Inconvenience when things go wrong. If you received a defective product, you have to send it back and deal with turn around time.
  • You don’t have the product right away. You have to wait for it to arrive which could take days.

So it comes down to either you save a lot of money by buying it from an online store and deal with the “cons” or maybe look at the alternative route.

Pros of Physical Store (Brick and Mortar):

  • You can touch, ask questions from associates, or feel a particular blu-ray player
  • Convenience if something goes wrong. If you purchase a defective player, you can return it
  • You get to bring home a blu-ray player and use it right away!

Cons of Physical Store:

  • You will often pay more at a physical store than from an online store. Also sales tax.
  • You may not get the best advice from a sales associate. Your purchase could be influenced not based on other users but from sales associates.
  • You may have limited choices of blu-ray players. Contrary to online store, your local electronic retailer may only carry select players.

Now that you can discern the difference between going to an online store or a brick and mortar store, now you need to figure out where to buy blu-ray player. Here are our recommendations:

Best Online Stores:

Amazon.com offers the best price and selection of name brand blu ray players. You can also read a lot of reviews from customers who’ve bought blu-ray players so you can get a ton of feedback before you make a purchase. It is very simple to navigate through Amazon.com, and the checkout process is super easy and this makes it very convenient to shop online. We highly recommend Amazon.com if you are looking for blu-ray player on sale. Click here to check out blu-ray players at a great price!

Newegg.com is known for great deals on computers and computer parts, but they have branched onto other electronic products. To compete with Amazon, newegg.com offers aggressive and competitive price on blu-ray players. Although it may not carry as many selections as amazon.com on blu-ray players, but good sale price will entice you to check it out before making a final decision. Overall it is a trusted electronic retailer online, so give them a shot. Please go to www.newegg.com to see what kind of deals they’ve got!

Best Physical Stores:

Best Buy is probably the only electronic retailer worth visiting. They have a wide array of blu-ray players at their stores for you to see, touch, feel, and ask questions. Also they carry the latest name brand blu-ray players as well, but not as much selection as Amazon.com. If you are type of consumer who has to see before making a purchase then Best Buy is your best option. You can always go see a blu ray player for yourself and order it from an online retailer but consider the cons of online stores before you make this decision. They have a great return policy so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, then try another one. Overall no other brick and mortar stores come close to Best Buy.

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